Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a series of talks and presentations by Indigenous and non-Indigenous speakers. Building Bridges is held each year usually in August in Parramatta (NSW).

Building Bridges provides an opportunity to come and hear both Indigenous and non-Indigenous presenters sharing their knowledge, expertise and personal experience in in informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Many people have never met an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian. Here’s your chance to meet them over supper and discover that there’s more to Indigenous society and culture than is often negatively portrayed in the media.

While the Federal Government’s 2008 apology was seen as overwhelmingly positive, the Northern Territory Intervention (the so-called Emergency Response) has created much controversy especially since it has been extended for another 10 years.

Many Indigenous Australians still experience unemployment, poor health, deplorable housing, poor education, violence and imprisonment at levels that would not be tolerated by other Australians.

Many Indigenous people are working tirelessly to address these problems. They are calling on the government and all of us to work with hem to achieve justice and reconciliation.


Past Building Bridges sessions:

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