Belonging: Aboriginal Connections and Reconciliation

The Western Sydney Regional Reconciliation Network invites you to a special event:

Belonging: Aboriginal Connections and Reconciliation

on Thursday 28 June, 3:30- 8:00pm in the Parramatta Town Hall.

Please click here for the flyer.

Our overall intent is to strengthen engagement to achieve justice for Aboriginal people in our neighbourhoods and country, build more understanding for identity and belonging and grow our relationships with each other. Every individual and organisation in our Western Sydney neighbourhoods has much to contribute to this journey and to the afternoon.

There will be performances and presentations, group discussions and celebration. We encourage community groups, councils and agencies to showcase their materials and engage in conversations of what has been achieved and what can be done if people work together on what is needed. There will be space for stalls and materials. Several projects will be discussed in smaller groups towards the later part of the afternoon. They will focus on the arts/employment, school participation, constitutional recognition/referendum, awareness raising, reconciliation action plans and building understanding between cultural groups in the community.

We are very privileged to hear readings from the play “Bolongairi” by Leanne Tobin and performed by her team of local Darug readers who also will share a bit of their own stories. We will receive information and inspiration from significant speakers in the local, national and international agendas. They are

  • the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda
  • the senior researcher, author and activist Nicole Watson from the Jumbunna House of Learning at UTS, the University of Technology
  • Carla McGrath, the Business and Programs Development Manager of NCIE, the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence and Board member of the NSW Reconciliation Council and
  • John Robertson, a Wiradjuri man from Western Sydney who worked in Natural Resource Management and Aboriginal Cultural Training for decades and is a long-time member of the Parramatta Council Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee.

We encourage everyone to make it for the whole time from 3.30pm to 8.00pm. Each part, including the feast with Aboriginal finger-food at the end, will be a treat not to be missed.

Please spread the word widely and register via email:

Let us know if you want to contribute in some way. If you’d like to talk over more details you can call Maria under 9896 3839.

The event is organised by members of the Western Sydney Regional Reconciliation Network and sponsored by Western Sydney Community Forum, Parramatta City Council, with financial support from Toongabbie Sports & Bowling Club and Guildford Leagues through CDSE.