Deepen Your Cultural Awareness

Aboriginal knowledge from ancient to modern times

This is a great opportunity to learn from an educator and cultural practitioner about a culture that
• Knows how to live well on this land and care for its wellbeing
• Connects people with plants and animals, with all times and places
• Welcomes strangers and is willing to share its wisdom
• And much more.

Jimmy Smith


Jimmy Smith lives in Sydney and comes from Erambie Mission outside to Cowra, NSW. He holds a Master’s in Education and Undergrad in Adult Education. He has been teaching in formal and informal settings locally and overseas for 33 years. He says this is his calling to educate and share the culture of the land we live in.


Jimmy has knowledge of Aboriginal culture and a lifelong commitment to educate the community about its awesomeness and works for social change and wellbeing for all. This is a labour of love for First Nations Australians and all Australians to understand the colonial process and how it has misled the country through a very flawed system of education. And that system continues today.

Jimmy also has a particular passion for science and technology, including astronomy and traditional land usage.

He will surprise and engage you with new insights and questions to ponder, maybe for the rest of your life

Wednesday, 20 November 2019, 8–9:30 pm

Reg Byrne/Karabi Community Centre, Wentworthville, Corner Darcy Rd and Fyall Ave (off Cumberland Highway)

For more info call Maria at 9896 3839
You are welcome to join our brief AGM before the event (7:30–8pm).

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